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Stay on top of termite infestation with building inspections by local pest control experts. Think your insurance has you covered? Think again. The fact is, home insurance does not cover damage to timber by termites. That’s why termite prevention is a key component of safeguarding your home or investment.

Accredited Termite and Pest Management have been involved in pre and post construction for over twenty years in both domestic and commercial projects and have an efficient experienced team of technicians.

Our preferred products are Termseal and Homeguard but we have an array of products available to suit any type of construction. Whether you need termite protection for your new home, commercial premise, renovating or adding a new room, we are able to give you the best advice and recommend the most suitable product at a competitive price.


Invest in the Longevity & Safety of Your Property

Don’t believe timber is a concern with your home? Termites work their way easily through cracks and crevices without anyone in your residence noticing. This is why Accredited Termite and Pest Management recommends that you protect your most valuable asset - your home - by scheduling inspections at least annually.

Accredited dispatches only fully qualified, licensed inspectors to your home. After every inspection, you are given a comprehensive report including any photographic evidence of termite infestation, fungal decay, or other conditions which leave your home vulnerable to infestation.

If necessary, this is accompanied by their recommendations for treatment and/or termite deterrent. The recommended course of action may include a chemical soil treatment using Termidor and Termiticide around the perimeter and subfloor of your structure to prevent entry by termites. This treatment option has a life expectancy of five years.

Annual timber pest inspections are still necessary to ensure the warranty and that the treatment has not been compromised. Baiting and monitoring programs are also available. These stations can be checked once every two months to ascertain colony control and level of termite activity.

At-Home Termite Prevention


While you await your first Accredited termite inspection, here are some helpful hints to help you do your part in termite prevention.

  • Make sure any moisture (such as from air conditioners) is diverted away from the edges of your structure.
  • Do not allow timber building materials to lean against your structure.
  • Gardens and excess foliage should be located away from the immediate area surrounding your building.
  • Wooden fences, poles, and piers should be clear of mulch and debris and not be in direct contact with the soil.
And that’s just for starters. Accredited Pest Management has many more termite prevention tips for you, so call today at 1300 122 072.
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